About us

OnlyModest is a brand started by duo of Faheem Yahya and his wife in 2021 ,based in New Delhi .

Afters Years of manufacturing for International Apparel And Textile Retailors we felt a Gap in Indian Retail Market for Premium High Quality Modest Wear .

The Present options avaialble to an Indian customer who likes to dress modestly are very few , although in last couple of years a lot brands have mushroomed but most of them are a Long way from what is available in mature markets like Dubai , London , Malaysia etc .

When we say "Long Way " , we mean

- Quality Fabrics : Newer Fabrics like Premium Rayons ,Modals ,Denims,Imported Zoom and Nida ,CYE , tencels , Soft Georgettes/Moss , Cotton Blends , Performance/Sports Fabrics etc (Beyond the Regulars like Avg quality Nida and Firdaus)

-Contemporary Designs and Cuts.

- High Quality Stitching and Making that would last for years .

-Pricing for Everyone .

-Buying Experience and Service of a Modern Brand .

OnlyModest is an attempt to fill this Gap and Offer Our Customers 'The best' .

What Inspires us ?

We strongly believe in Divine Wisdom and Guidance and Always strive to adhere to the principles of Present Life and Hereafter As Per Quran and Sunnah !

The way we choose our colors , cuts/fits ,embellishments Or the way we do Our Photoshoots,Genuine product descriptions (sans the misleading fancy terms),Our Policy of Easy returns and refunds , timely deliveries , All this and more is a very Consious Effort to match our Actions with our Beliefs .

We aim to offer our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity the best of Products and Services Inshallah !!.